Radio Network Advertising

Network Advertising is a leader in facilitating AM/FM, Satellite, Online Streaming, Mobile and other forms of network advertising on radio (like Podcasts and In-Store Audio Entertainment) that let you target your marketing efforts using all the tools and tactics of branding and direct response advertising. The cost of radio advertising varies widely from several thousand dollars for a small, local buy – to millions for a full-blown network buy with prime time exposure on America’s top radio networks. Network Advertising representatives are ready to assist national and regional advertisers in the strategic planning and execution of their radio advertising media plans.


We’re often asked what radio ads cost. Every station, day part and spot length is priced differently, tied to audience size and demand for commercial inventory. What radio ads cost is secondary to how well those radio ads perform. The cost of radio advertising for a property that delivers a 4:1 ROI is a secondary to generating profitable results. Ad dollars should be an investment, not an expense.


The latest numbers show that 92% of all American’s listen to AM/FM Radio every week. Millions more choose SiriusXM or online radio choices like Pandora, Slacker and Spotify. Our job is to know all the options and direct your advertising dollars to what’s working.

Radio Network Advertising