June 2, 2023

5 Quick Tips To Get Your Handmade Business Noticed

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When you run a handmade business, a visually appealing digital presence is key to attract customers and showcase your products. To boost sales, you can create engaging logos, banners and more that reflect your brand and style. In today’s digital ecosystem, that means using tools that not only will expedite the process but also deliver professional results.

March is National Craft Month, so it’s a great time to elevate your brand and showcase your products using tools from Adobe Express, a one-stop shop to easily create brand professional-looking assets and content for digital, print and web-based mediums – no design experience needed.

Whether you are starting your handmade business from scratch or want to refresh the look and feel of your brand, these tips and tools from Adobe Express will give you serious inspo for creating engagement-worthy assets.

Make it personal

Handmade businesses are as unique as their products – and your marketing assets should both reflect that originality and effectively communicate it to your customers. Visual assets should create a representation of your brand’s personality, and with the right elements, be a powerful tool to tell its story.

Showcasing your brand’s unique personality is easy with Adobe Express, which includes thousands of unique templates, design assets, Adobe Stock royalty-free photos and more. With the free version and free tutorials, you can access Adobe Express’s library of logos, banners and more and make them your own. Plus, when you use Adobe Express, it’s simple to resize images and apply your design to assets across various media, including banners, flyers and posters, as well as websites and social media.

Keep it simple

When creating your brand’s creative assets, less is often more. Keep your design simple and clean, focusing on your brand name or logo. Avoid clutter and excessive design elements like the use of too many colors and fonts, which can distract from your message. Check out this quick tutorial to get started on creating and/or updating your logo – and keep in mind that simple also helps when resizing assets to post to social media, web, print and more.

Choose the right colors

Colors play a crucial role in branding and can evoke different emotions and feelings in your customers. Choose colors that reflect your brand’s unique personality and message. You also can utilize color psychology by selecting colors that evoke certain emotions in your target audience.

By creating a color palette that aligns with your target audience’s preferences and expectations, you can make a greater impact on potential customers with your marketing materials. While colors might not need adjustment when applying a design to different media, they still are an integral design element that business owners should consider when creating their marketing assets with Adobe Express.

Use typography effectively

Typography – how printed words are stylized or appear – can impact how your brand is perceived. When designing visual assets to market your handmade business, choose fonts that are legible and reflect your brand’s personality. Avoid using too many fonts or overly decorative fonts that make assets look busy and reduce readability. Instead, use a single font that’s easy to read, which helps your brand appear more cohesive and stand out on marketplaces.

The font you choose to represent your brand can speak volumes to your customers. Adobe Express lets you choose from over 18,000 licensed fonts, making it simple to find the right typography for your brand – and you can even use your own custom font to consistently express your brand across all assets you create. Any font you choose can be applied across multiple assets and in various formats designed with Adobe Express.

Showcase your product

Your handmade products are the heart of your business, so make sure you showcase them prominently across digital and printed assets. Use high-quality images that spotlight your products in the best possible light. You can do this with your own photos, professional photos or even stock photos available in Adobe Express, which offers access to thousands of royalty-free photos from the Adobe Stock collection.

For best results, showcase your products with a variety of assets, including those in the digital and physical worlds. With a library of templates to get you started, Adobe Express can help you make posters and flyers in a snap for your next art fair or pop up event. You can then quickly resize and share across social media and your other digital channels.

And remember, keep it simple. Visual assets should communicate your message clearly and effectively without overwhelming or confusing your audience. Too much text, too many images and too many colors take away from the intended message, so simplicity is key to creating assets that resonate with your target audience.

With Adobe Express, you can create standout marketing assets across mediums – including web, print, and social media (i.e., Instagram posts and stories, Facebook posts, YouTube thumbnails and more) that will get the attention of your audience and add a cohesive and recognizable brand presence for your business.

Sign up for Adobe Express today to create more engaging assets for your handmade business this National Craft Month.

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